About us

Yela Partners was founded in 2013 through the coming together of George Haggar and Arnold Scholtz, the pair having prior experience and exposure obtained from involvement in a number of entrepreneurial enterprises spread over the African continent.

Bringing the dreams of Northern and Southern Africa together, Yela Partners is a growth partner to aspiring businesses.

We invest our resources to contribute to the desired outcome and success of our investee companies.

Our involvement on a strategic level within our investee companies, is an investment imperative.

Who we work with


Homeleigh provides highly personalised, world-class private home nursing and in-home care services to individuals, corporations, institutions, retirement villages and frail care facilities across the Western Cape, South Africa.

Naudé Wines is a culmination of Ian Naudé’s journey in winemaking over the last 30 years. We have partnered with Ian post management buyout, to assist in establishing a sustainable business. Our passion for entrepreneurship and premium fine wine combines in this exciting opportunity.

The Agriherd share class invests in livestock rental companies that provide livestock farmers with alternative financing in the form of commercial rental agreements to fund the expansion of their herd.

Southern Skies acquired The Wine Show in 2014 and has grown the event to become the largest consumer try-and-buy wine gatherings in South Africa, touring to seven cities and connecting over 200 wine producers with 30 000 wine enthusiasts each year. In 2021 Southern Skies acquired industry stalwart wine.co.za as well as leading wine e-commerce storefront solution CellarDirect.

Spescare operates a range of multi-disciplinary subacute and rehabilitation hospitals in South Africa and Namibia, that specialises in physical and medical rehabilitation services.

Tiny Keg is leading the mobile and micro canning revolution in South Africa, offering services from can supply and can sleeving, to filling cans with a wide range of liquids.