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Yela Partners was founded in 2013 through the coming together of two entrepreneurs from Northern and Southern Africa, with prior experience and exposure derived from involvement in a number of initiatives spread over the continent. We value our relationships in business, and as such strive to contribute to business for the benefit of all.

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Our Focus

Yela Partners is a private investment holding company that invests its money and time to help its investee companies thrive. Our primary focus areas are:

The making of strategic investments, either as principals and/or partners;
Involvement in our investee companies on a strategic, non-executive level; and
Incubation and execution of business opportunities in general.

Investment Criteria

Our involvement on a strategic level, and the entrepreneur or management’s openness to additional inputs and our involvement on a non-executive level, is non-negotiable. Generally speaking, our criteria can be listed as follows:

The target company should have generated revenue to date, or the entrepreneur / management team must have proven experience;
The business or operation must have the possibility to scale; and
The target company must have a competitive edge, or operate in an industry with significant entry barriers.

Pitch to us

On average, only 10% of applications proceed to formal due diligence. But please, don’t be discouraged by this statistic – just remember that first impressions last! Should you want to pitch your idea or opportunity to us, we would require the following for initial screening purposes:

Pitch deck, or concise overview of your business plan or opportunity.
Historic and projected income statement, as well as a balance sheet pre- and post- investment that details how the required funding will be applied.


Spescare is a private hospital service provider focused on providing sub-acute, convalescent, rehabilitation and transitional care programs.

Homeleigh Nursing Services provides highly personalised, world-class private home nursing and in-home care services to individuals, corporations, institutions, retirement villages and frail care facilities across the Western Cape, South Africa.

Naudé Wines is a culmination of Ian Naudé’s journey in winemaking over the last 30 years. We have partnered with Ian post management buyout, to assist in establishing a sustainable business. Our passion for business and boutique wine combines in this exciting opportunity.

Tiny Keg Can Co is transforming the drinks industry, bringing mobile canning to South Africa.


We provide access to funding to help small to medium-sized businesses to capitalise on growth opportunities. Our loan agreements are structured with an initial raising fee recovered over the term of the loan, and interest calculated monthly.

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Contact Us

Should you have any queries or questions, please feel free to send us an email and we'll get back to you.

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